The Importance of BJJ Soap

What is BJJ Soap and why is it so important?

BJJ Soap is a type of soap which is manufactured to meet the harsh demands of athletes of contact sports.  While marketing would have you believe that BJJ Soap is only for Jiu-Jitsu, soap formulations of this type have applications in Wrestling, MMA, Football, Hockey or even your everyday gym routine just to name a few. 

Not All Soaps Are Created Equal.

In a market filled with hype and branding designed to target contact sports it can be difficult to find something that actually works as intended without destroying your skin.  Marketing can be great to catch the attention of someone with a skin issue but all to many times the product either falls short, contains harmful chemicals or there are side effects to their use.

The most common BJJ soap you will see marketed is one that has a bunch of different essential oils, like tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil, that have antifungal or antibacterial properties.  While they can be effective with constant use these soaps do not work in conjunction with the skins natural defense to things like ringworm, staph, impetigo, herpes, athlete's foot or even jock itch. 

The reason for that is because your skin is naturally not clean.  There is a natural flora on our skin that acts as a protective layer over the acid mantle to keep unwanted bugs from taking up residence on our skin.  Constant use of these essential oils ward off and kill any of the good bacteria that regularly call our skin home.  Good bacteria help to defend us against the usual culprits found at gyms or on the mats.  Another side effect of using these soaps is the drying effect they have on our skin which breaks down the protective layer making your skin susceptible to unwanted guests. 

BJJ Soap is so important because it has many jobs, the most important of which is keeping your skin protected so you can do what you love.  A quality BJJ soap should not only protect your skin by thoroughly cleansing it of anything you pick up during training but it should also have properties which bolster your skins natural defenses and work in partnership with your body to prevent a bacterial or fungal infection.  

Considering the investment you make in your training the last thing you want to have happen is to be sidelined with an unexpected skin infection.  Lets face it skin infections always come when you least expect it and can often times be costly to correct.  From doctors and medication costs to lost training time or even worse, the inability to compete, skin infections are a known risk for anyone who trains long enough.  There is hope though.  Following a good preventative routine with a proper BJJ soap as well as Gi care and equipment maintenance can minimize or even avoid skin infections.

At Contact Sports Soap we developed a soap which does all of this and more.  We use only the best, most effective ingredients to ensure our soap is both effective and protective.  Our soap utilizes a 3x concentrate to make sure that it is never diluted.  We only use naturally moisturizing omega-3s and avocado oil to make sure your skin does not feel dry and stripped.  Most importantly we use probiotics that are naturally present on your skin to replenish your body's natural flora to enhance the protective layer above the acid mantle.

BJJ is a lifestyle and for those who live that lifestyle there is nothing that can compare.  You live for the time on the mats with your training partners and for the chance to compete.  Sweat equity and hard work are core principals needed to develop great technique and progress through your journey.  A good BJJ soap is a key factor in that journey as it will pay dividends in keeping you on track and on the mats to achieve your goals.  Just as you make the choice to step on those mats everyday, choosing the best BJJ soap will keep your skin protected and allow you to achieve your goals.

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