Skincare Science—The Benefits of Probiotic Soap

Why probiotics?

We noticed that every soap designed for athletes used Tea Tree & other essential oils to prevent both MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and Ringworm.

However, skincare science shows that constant application of these essential oils — the main ingredients in most BJJ or wrestling soaps out there — will indiscriminately kill both your microbiome’s good and bad bacteria. 

These products work against your skin’s natural defenses by stripping good bacteria & opening up opportunities for bad bacteria to colonize, leading to more skin issues & compromised health.

Instead of killing everything in your microbiome, probiotics allow the good bacteria to flourish and enhance the natural skin barrier while also making it difficult for harmful bacteria and fungus to take over.


We micro-encapsulate live, colony-forming kefir grains and suspend them in the product.

When product is applied to the skin, the capsules open and release the probiotics.

The probiotics repopulate your microbiome with beneficial bacteria to protect your skin.

SKINCARE SCIENCE—The Proof of Concept


  • Capsulent technology keeps actives segregated and stabilized, even in harsh environments
  • Wall materials are stable to pH (2-12), temperature (freeze to 80C), shear, ethanol, and surfactants.
  • Case study: probiotic component in hand sanitizer system


Probiotic components were encapsulated using proprietary stabilization technology

Probiotic encap was combined with sanitizer products and mixed for 10 minutes.

Results duplicated after 30 days in 62% ethanol

Products were used per directions, and one sanitized finger was swiped across LB fortified agar plates.

Both plates show characteristic growth form of proprietary stabilized probiotic after 72 hours.