Soap for Contact Sport Athletes

Prevent infection while protecting your skin with a whole new level of clean.
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Skin Care for Contact Sport Athletes

Prevent infection while protecting your skin with hydrating skin care
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Contact Sports Soap

For The Athlete In You

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Our Results Speak For Themselves

With Contact Sport Soap my skin feels healthy, it looks great, and I’m able to use it a ton so I can stay ahead of buying another tube of anti-fungus cream to fix an issue.

Matt Blasdel

 Since using their Probiotic soap, I’ve had no issues whatsoever and my skin has never felt more soft and moisturized. The subtle scent is pleasant and a little of the product goes a long way. The problem with antibacterial soaps is that it left my skin super dry. You won’t ever have that problem again after using CSS.

Brian Linehan

Original scent is like a light honeysuckle and lavender is obvious. It lathers wonderfully and leaves the skin clean but not feeling stripped. It’s my favorite post workout wash!

Tara Tignor

I just tried their lavender soap. The first thing I can say is that it smells great. The soap doesn’t dry your skin and it doesn’t leave you with that filmy feeling on your skin. I run five times a week and shower at least twice a day. This soap is exactly what I was looking for.

Chris Thesing

I really love this product. I train BJJ 3 to 4 days a week and needed a body wash that was able to keep my skin free of any unwanted bacteria that unfortunately loves to hang around the mats. A little goes a long way and the scent is perfectly balanced and refreshing, unlike some of those other body wash products that smell like you're washing your body with your dad's cologne.


Not only is the smell amazing but the soap leaves my skin feeling clean, moisturized and fresh. This is a “must” for anyone doing athletics.

Anie Caddigan

I have a very hard labor job, and this soap was a great way to feel refreshed after a long day. The smell was great! I could not believe how moisturized my skin felt after using. Definitely recommend CSS to any athlete or people that work outdoors. It is a must!

Todd MacMurtrie

I love everything about this soap, it makes me feel so clean and it smells great. This soap is perfect for everyone whether your an athlete or not. 

Samantha Patterson

I tried this soap and was impressed with how clean I felt afterword and the science behind the product itself. It removes the bad bacteria and preserves the beneficial bacteria. Not only does the product work well, but I like the fact that the scent isn't overpowering. You come out feeling clean without smelling like a bottle of perfume. Do yourself a favor and check it out for yourself, you will be glad you did!

Jeff Walker

More than soap. Contact soap.

Rinse away the funk and junk of contact sports 

It’s a simple fact that contact sports can mean bacterial or fungal skin infections, but your favorite sport doesn’t have to come to that. Science has come a long way and what we’ve found is that preventative treatments with smart soaps designed to protect the skin’s natural microbiome can prevent the need for harsh antibiotics or other treatments after the fact. Be unstoppable with proactive treatment. 

Wash away harmful, post-training bacteria and fungus with all-natural ingredients designed to clean and protect the skin’s microbiome. Be unstoppable with a simple post-workout wash to keep doing what you love best without the typical contact sport concerns.

Contact Sports Soap's Commitment

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Our Promise to You

• Sulfate Free

• No Parabens

• No Added Colors or Dyes

• No GMOs

 • Ingredients Studied for Efficiency

• No Triclosan, Petrolatum, Cocabetaine, or DEA

• Cruelty Free and Vegan

• No Bullshit

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