Our Story. 

We created our small, family-owned company because we were tired of seeing both kids and adults struggling with real limitations from frustrating skin issues. 

The frustration reached a pitch when one of our (four!) boys became plagued with eczema, with every supposedly helpful soap drying his skin out, making him cry, and just not living up to the hype. This broke our hearts. This is where Contact Sports Soap was born.

The formula we originally developed for our son grew into a product taking on so much more. We personally put our soap to the test — day in and day out — in the toughest environments and going up against dirt, bacteria, and fungus because we believe in our product.

After over a year of testing and developing our product, we are proud to bring you soap you can count on. Our products are safe, economical, and — most importantly — they work.

Our mission at Contact Sports Soap is to provide products that meet the demands of everyday athletes, from amateur to professional, as well as anyone plagued with frustrating and seemingly unsolvable skin issues.

Giving back to those who serve.

We are proud of the work done by all Military and First Responders. The positive impact they have in society cannot be measured. We have partnered with the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation, which honors the sacrifice of firefighter Stephen Siller who laid down his life to save others on September 11, 2001. They also honor our military and first responders who sacrifice life and limb for our country.

Together we can make a greater impact by helping the families of fallen Military and First Responders by providing for them when they need it most!

Contact Sports Soap honors these brave heroes and their families by donating a portion of every sale to help those who are called to serve.