Why you need an antimicrobial spray for skin

The last thing on your mind when you are focused on training should be when you will take a shower. Whether you are working on making gains, cutting a few pounds, perfecting a technique or just maintaining, no one wants to feel like they are wearing the gym after a quality sweat session. An after workout spray can be your best solution for embarrassing odors, sweat, oil and dirt that not only drag your social game down, but negatively affect skin health.

Contact Sports Soap's post workout spray was designed to freshen you up when a traditional shower isn't in the cards. Whether you're late to work, stuck at a competition, braving the outdoors camping, or hiking, we have you covered. Just a few sprays our Probiotic Sweat Reset helps you cleanse and cool down, leaving your skin clean, hydrated and refreshed.  Topical probiotics, omega 3s and avocado oil balance pH, to help fight infections and eliminate odor causing bacteria to leave your skin clean, hydrated and refreshed.

While many people use a spray to hide the smell of embarrassing odors, our post workout body spray was created to break down those odors at the molecular level. While we are big advocates of taking a shower as soon as possible we also understand this isn't always possible. Our “waterless shower” will give you the refresh you need kicking odor, dirt, sweat and oil to the curb before your next stop. 


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