About Us

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We are a small family owned soap company based out of Southern California which was created because we were tired of the skin issues we have seen first hand plague both kids and adults who just want to lead an active lifestyle. More importantly, though, we were tired of our children developing skin issues. Our boys (yes we have 4 boys) love to do everything little boys do, get dirty and play rough. One of our boys in particular is plagued by eczema. This broke our hearts because every soap out there did not live up to the hype, made him cry because it was too strong, dried out his skin or just didn't work in general. What we found was the soaps currently available did nothing to protect his skin. This is where Contact Sports Soap was born.

Our soap has grown from a formula to help our son into a product that can take on any dirt, bacteria or fungus your skin may be exposed to. We put our soap to the test day in and day out against some of the toughest environments to ensure Contact Sports Soap would do what we designed it to do, protect your skin.  After over a year of testing and product development we are proud to bring you a soap you can count on.

Our mission at Contact Sports Soap is to bring you products that meet the demands of everyday athletes, both amateur and professional, as well as anyone plagued with skin issues caused by products who claim to be all natural but leave your skin dry and irritated. Lets face it, the more you train the more important it becomes to take care of your skin. Neglecting your skin can keep you sidelined with complications, medical bills or having to use extremely strong medications.

Our products are safe, economical and most importantly we wanted to give you a product that works. Contact Sports Soap will never leave your skin feeling dry and itchy because of the natural moisturizers we put into our soap. Soapy residue will be a thing of the past because our products were designed to keep you clean while being gentle on your skin. We work hard to make sure we give you only the best here at Contact Sports Soap.

Whether you are a high school or college wrestler, an MMA athlete, train jiu-jitsu, play football, hit the heavy bag or any other sport/activity where you are on shared mats or equipment Contact Sports Soap won’t let you down. 

Every bottle we send out carries our guarantee your skin will feel better than it ever has. More importantly your skin will be protected from anything life throws your way so you can get out there and live your best life!